Video World Group
Live and Corporate Event Video Support Company
Who We Are
We are the company that is here to help you make your vision as big as life. Through the use of the latest technology and the collective knowledge of our people we want to help you take your ideas and concepts from paper to reality.
Don't let our name fool you, to make all aspects of your video needs look their best we have developed expertise in all areas of live events; from designing the event to branding, scenic audio, and lighting your event. 

"All they want is for you to succeed."

"They know if you don't look good they don't look good."

No Idea is to Small
From webcasting an office meeting to a 14,000 person event, we have the collected expertise to help you make your event an experience that all your people will remember for years to come. From planning the smallest detail to the general session room
Kevin Ferguson


6113 Wittig Ave
Las Vegas NV 89131
If this is your first event or if your event has been in production for 20 year and you want to have a different look you can reach out to us by phone or email and let us become part of your team to a successful event